Academic Administration

CASL -- April 6, 2009

Present:  Jerry Pepper, Wayne Jesswein, Stan Burns, Bilin Tsai, Mary Keenan, Arden Weaver, Julie Ernst, Bruce Munson, Geoff Bell.  Excused:  Julie Westlund.

Paul Treuer and Sue Darge presented the final version of the Student Development Assessment Team (SDAT) Report.  The results have been shared with the ASSL Directors to help guide their efforts with development of outcomes.  The SDAT work provides a conceptual framework based on literature review, emphasizes the integration of academic and coc-curricular programs, and recommends 4 additional institutional learning outcomes.  CASL acknowledged the thoughtful work done by the SDAT. 

Jackie reported on the status of the Liberal Education Task Force.  The recommended mission, rationale, program structure and course criteria had been endorsed by EPC on February 25 and would have been presented to Campus Assembly in April.  Subsequent to the endorsement, members of the mathematics faculty approached EPC with a recommendation that quantitative reasoning and logic be required of all students (similar to the current Lib Ed Category 2).  After several discussions, a special meeting was called for April 8 at which time Vice Chancellor Magnuson will present a proposal to delay sending the Task Force recommendations to Campus Assembly until fall.  The intent of the delay would be to allow time to develop outcomes for liberal education and have the Task Force review their recommendations against agreed upon outcomes.  The motion also recommends delayed action on the proposed institutonal outcomes. 

This series of events, in conjunction with the work presented by SDAT, led to a CASL decision to re-visit institutional outcomes.  Work sessions will be scheduled before the end of spring semester.  CASL members believe that outcomes for liberal education, as well as program outcomes, should be developed through a "lens" provided by the institutonal outcomes.  [Editorial note:  discussion at the April 8 EPC meeting strongly encouraged opportunity for broader campus input on institutional outcomes before final recommendation to Campus Assembly.]

Jackie Millslagle, Recorder