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 Assessment of Student Learning

CASL Minutes—26 April 2013

Present: Shannon Godsey, Tracy Bolen, Julia Williams, Mick McComber, Jim Klueg, Jerry Pepper, Jeni Eltink, Eve Browning, and Taylor Glynn

Excused: Richard Davis

  • Grant Proposal

    • Foreign languages in literature have an outcome regarding pronunciation

    • Standardize this measure by attending a training with ACTFL

    • Asking for $1,027.50 in an assessment grant to make this happen

Vote: all in favor

  • Update on Follow-Ups

    • Shannon is following up different apartments that have an assessment program

    • 15 programs done and 50 or so left to go

  • President’s Alliance Update

    • We have an action plan through this program (an allegiance of college presidents)

    • CASL went through the action plan to see how we are living up to our commitments

      • Mick: Student Life has not written outcomes for what students leave UMD with (regarding A)

      • Shannon: 8 programs have not done reports yet

      • Students don’t know about learning outcomes, but most are understood

      • Shannon: All program and systemwide outcomes are posted online- consensus that they ARE NOT easy to find (regarding C)

      • Jeni: Gave D a two different ratings- higher for campus (5) and lower for departments (3)

      • Dr. Pepper: rated D a two because he didn’t think students were involved enough even though they are the largest stakeholders

      • Jeni: (regarding E) with head nods, anything with ABET is benchmarked

      • Shannon: Our student learning outcomes are very similar to other campuses

      • Shannon: Wants to know the percentage of departments/programs that abide by a national standard, alliance, or group

      • F: very clear on the ones that are published

      • Eve (regarding G) there was a large effort and commitment by those who have done reports and created assessment practices

      • H: Program and unit assessment is not supported enough to be sustainable

      • Tracey: (H) Concerned about sustainability

      • A lot of volunteer work going into this- people will get sick of this and out goes sustainability

      • James: It’s a buy-in we all want our programs to be better and all of us are expected to put in x amount of hours of service

      • Julia: Even if the University provided coffee to make it feel more official and real. What do we do with all of our information/data? How do we make it real? Need everybody to be present to have rich discussions- need time, commitment, energy, etc.

      • Consensus that more resources are needed at the program level, not the system level

      • Dr. Pepper (regarding I) Agrees with a 4 because program level reports are assessed with peer review and other methods- but do we look at the nine student learning outcomes on a regular basis? At the very least the conversation should happen

      • Julia: There are different exercises that could be implemented even just to evaluate the wording/ not the entire outcome

      • Shannon has researched whether or not program outcomes have aligned with nine student learning outcomes

      • K: There are many ways to create evidence ex. using numbers but some outcomes are ‘to have an understanding...’ and there isn’t necessarily a way to measure this

      • Eve and Jeni: (regarding K) program level yes but not on a campus level

      • Dr Pepper: (regarding L) we cannot go over a two until we make a deliberate effort to incorporate and educate students on the outcomes

      • M: There is access to all internal stakeholders on the UMD website but it is password protected so no external stakeholders can see it unless Shannon grants them permission

      • Dr Pepper: is assessment at campuswide conversation taking place? Are liasons speaking with one another?

        • Shannon: campus-wide in a sense that there are opportunities for people to talk with those from other departments via campus committees

      • P&Q&R&S: We are committed to it, but we aren’t in a place to do that yet- not ready

        • Campus is all over the board

      • T: consensus at 3

      • U: Good job Shannon! 5

        • The University is funding these efforts

      • V: Big question mark??

  • Graduate Program Assessment Update

    • We have to have a process for the graduate program

    • We have stopped at UMD because UMTC is just now developing a program and we want to see what that looks like before we do ours

      • Shannon is a member of this committee in the twin cities

      • They are running pilot programs in various grad programs- CSD at UMD has been asked to be a part of this pilot

  • Assessment in Lib Ed Update & Discussion

    • There are eight people who volunteered to be a part of this process this year (4 from fine arts and four from global)

    • Shannon: Should we invite the same people as last year? What should the categories for next year be? A concern this year was that information wasn’t be translated to the campus

      • James: Include languages we just gave them a grant- consensus from the group. ALSO: Social sciences and cultural diversity

      • Julia: There is a fear to have people see your work that haven’t been a part of the discussion. It is most important for these eight people to be in the know but it could be useful to have CASL members

      • Jeni: CASL members being present sparked great discussion

      • Consensus: eight members + CASL members that are able to come

  • Question on Report Template for 13-14

  • CASL Members 2013-2014

    • We don’t know what campus governance will look like, so we need to ask questions such as what should this committee’s membership look like? How will we get there?

      • It was orginally PALs but is not anymore

      • Julia: We should first make sure that we have made clear and identified the committee’s mission

    • Shannon: one from each college, one from student life, and one person from co-curricular programs (International ed, Civil Engagement, etc.), one person from grad school, one person from Lib Ed, two students

    • If campus governance structure is voted on, there will be no by-laws aka there is no way to identify how members of committees are elected

      • Shannon: Should members be invited, elected, or appointed?

        • Julia: Should be decided in the fall

  • Other

    • Nothing!

Meeting adjourned: 11:30 am


Taylor Glynn, recorder


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