Academic Administration

Assessment System Planning

The 2008-2009 academic year was devoted to development of a plan for coordinating a campus assessment system.  The Higher Learning Commission Assessment Academy project, ongoing work to develop campus learning outcomes, and a task force to re-design liberal education all contributed to significant products, but more important, to a greater awareness of the use of assessment to improve student learning.  A brief history of the 2008-2009 year sets the stage for next steps.  Decisions and actions are documented in CASL minutes and in the minutes of the Educational Policy Committee (EPC).

At its first meeting of the 2009-2010 year (August 31, 2009), CASL acted on three important issues:

  1. Approved the final version of an expanded set of campus student learning outcomes to present to EPC;
  2. Endorsed the themes of transformative assessment; and
  3. Approved an agenda for a mini-conference on Student Learning and Assessment scheduled as a kick-off event, September 23, 2009.  Conference program (pdf).   Conference Pictures

CASL also approved revisions to the implementation timeline