Academic Administration

CASL - August 31, 2009

Present: Geoff Bell, Stan Burns, Mary Keenan, Jackie Millslagle, Bruce Munson, Jerry Pepper, Audrey Temple, Julie Westlund, Shannon Godsey, Wayne Jesswein, Arden Weaver, Curt Philips, John Schwetman, Michelle Hatcher.


Excused:  Donn Branstrator.


The first fall semester meeting will be held on Tuesday, September 15th at 3pm. Meetings will then be bi-weekly. The location is yet to be determined.


Jackie distributed the Student Learning Outcomes document for review.  The addition of “local, national, and global” referring to communities was approved.  The document will be  forwarded to EPC.

The learning goals and outcomes grid was distributed and discussed among the members, including suggested changes from SDAT. There was considerable discussion on this matter.

Once all of these changes have been made, Jackie will forward to EPC.


The assessment implementation timeline was distributed for review.  The only concern was to double check the dates to make sure they were business days and not weekends.


The planning template was reviewed by the committee, and it was suggested that it be made clearer that every outcome does not need to be met, and that one measure is fine.  This template will be sent out electronically, and will be made available online.   


The assessment mini-conference is set for Wednesday, September 23.  It will take place in the Rafter and the Garden Room. Geoff would like to give a small presentation on the thoughts from his paper. Julie would also like to include an SDAT presentation. There was a limited discussion as to how the attendees of CASL presentations should be split up.  It was agreed that there should be a mingling of the instructors as each presentation.  The content of the CASL presentation will be a major item at the September 15 meeting. 


Audrey Temple, Recorder