Academic Administration

Program Learning Outcomes

This list represents the various functions of the UMD campus that contribute to student learning.   If your unit/function is not on this list, but you have objectives that contribute directly to student learning, email to request to be added.  Other units or functions that are considered to be more service oriented, without direct measurable impact on student learning are encouraged to take advantage of this process to develop a program evaluation plan. 

Program may represent an academic degree program or a function of student life and academic support that delivers programming that contributes to student learning.   

Outcomes define specifically what students will know or be able to do as a result of participating in the program.  The outcomes will be measured to determine program effectiveness. Programs may be affiliated with accreditation bodies that use other terms for outcomes; e.g., objectives, standards or goals for student learning.  Programs may use terms most meaningful to the faculty and staff in the program as long as the outcome/objective/goal can be measured.

The list below places academic programs under the unit that houses the program's department.  As plans are submitted, a link to each program's assessment plan is at the top of the program page.   An asterisk (*) indicates programs where assessment plan has been posted.

CEHSP CLA LSBE SFA SCSE Student Life & Support

College of Education and Human Service Professions (CEHSP)

Athletic Training B.A.Sc.
*Communication Sciences and Disorders B.A.Sc.
*Exercise Science B.A.Sc.
*Health Education B.A.Sc.: Community
*Health Education B.A.Sc.: School
*Physical Education B.A.Sc.
*Psychology B.A.Sc.  
*Recreation-Outdoor Education B.A.Sc.
*Teacher Education: Unified Early Childhood, Elementary Education/Middle School; Secondary and K-12; Special Education

College of Liberal Arts (CLA)

American Indian Studies B.A.
Anthropology B.A.
Communication B.A.
Criminology B.A.
*English B.A.
Environmental Studies B.A.
*Foreign Languages and Literature: German Studies and Spanish 
*Geography B.A.
*History B.A.
Interdisciplinary Studies B.A.
*International Studies B.A.
*Philosophy B.A.
*Political Science B.A.
*Sociology B.A.
Urban and Regional Studies B.A.
Women's Studies B.A.
*Writing Studies B.A.

Labovitz School of Business and Economics (LSBE)

*Accounting B.Acc.
*Economics B.A.
*Finance B.B.A.
*Financial Markets Finance B.B.A.
*Health Care Management B.B.A.
*Management B.B.A.
*Management Information Systems B.B.A.
*Marketing B.B.A.

School of Fine Arts (SFA)

Art B.A.
Art Education K-12 B.F.A.
Art History B.A.
Graphic Design B.F.A.
Jazz Studies B. Mus.
Music B.A.
Music Education B.Mus.
Performance B.Mus.
Pregraduate Art B.F.A.
Studio Art B.F.A.
Theatre B.A.
Theatre B.F.A.
Theory and Composition B.Mus.

Swenson College of Science and Engineering (SCSE)

Applied Physics B.S.
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology B.S.
Biology B.A.
Biology B.S.
Biomedical Sciences B.S.
Cell and Molecular Biology B.S.
*Chemical Engineering B.S.Ch.E.
Chemistry B.A.
Chemistry B.S.
Civil Engineering B.S.C.E
Computer Information Systems B.S.
Computer Science B.S.
Electrical and Computer Engineering B.S.E.C.E
Environmental Science B.S.
*Geological Sciences B.A.
*Geological Sciences B.S.
Industrial Engineering B.S.I.E.
*Mathematics B.S.
Mechanical Engineering B.S.M.E.
Physics B.A.
Physics B.S.
*Statistics and Actuarial Science B.S.

Student Life and Academic Support Programs

*Academic Advising Program (LSBE, CEHSP, SFA, SCSE)
American Indian Learning Resource Center
Career Services
*CLA Academic Advising Program 
*Disability Resources
Financial Aid and Registrar
*First Year Experience & Students in Transition 
*Health Services
Housing and Residence Life
*International Education Office
*Kirby Student Center
Office of Civic Engagement
*Office of Cultural Diversity
*Recreational Sports and Outdoor Program
Student and Community Standards
Supportive Services Program