Academic Administration

Assessment System Implementation Timeline

The chart below details the timeline for implementation of a campus assessment system as developed by the Council for Advancement of Student Learning. 

Deadline dates for activities in 2009-10 summarized here.  Planning templates have beenprepared for each step to facilitate development and submission.  Use of the templates will be reviewed during the CASL presentation during the September 23  assessment mini-conference.



Who’s Responsible


Sept. 8, 2009

Announce updated web site and timeline to the campus

Jackie Millslagle

Email to umd_faculty and

Sept. 23

Assessment mini-conference


Rafters and Garden Room - schedule to be posted on web pages

Nov. 10

Campus Assembly considers/approves institutional outcomes


By Nov. 20

Review and submit program student learning outcomes aligned with the proposed institutional outcomes.  All program outcomes loaded to assessment web pages; programs who had submitted SLOs last spring are encouraged to review and provide any updates (Step #1 of Planning Templates)

Department heads and directors (or designee) will lead discussions in their units

SLOs need to be submitted to dean/vice chancellor for signoff and routing in electronic format to

See Guide for Developing SLOs

Planning Templates for Academic Programs

Planning Templates for Co-Curricular Programs


Nov. 20

Programs will submit Step #2 of Planning Templates (map curriculum or program activities against program outcomes)

Department heads and directors will submit to Dean/Vice Chancellor or designee who will forward electronically to


By    Dec. 15

Step #3 of Planning Templates (assessment plan)

Department heads and directors will submit to Dean/Vice Chancellor or designee who will forward electronically to

Pilot programs will enter student learning outcomes, collection guides, identify who scores, enter rubrics, etc. 

Fall semester

ePortfolio assessments developed for English, Civil Engineering, and Management Studies (?)

ePortfolio community coordinator, working with department head or program director and Paul Treuer


March, 2009

Appoint faculty/staff groups to develop rubrics to measure each institutional outcome



October 8, 2010

First assessment reports collected from programs/functions

Submitted electronically from Dean/Vice Chancellor to Jackie, or electronically from Department Head/Director (or designee) with hard copy signed by Dean/Vice Chancellor to follow

Required elements to be defined by CASL