Academic Administration

Assessment of Student Learning

The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Administration will provide oversight and appropriate support for the systematic implementation of assessment across all units of the campus. A Council for Advancement of Student Learning (CASL) has been appointed to guide and support development of assessment plans. "Assessment of student academic achievement is fundamental for all organizations that place student learning at the center of their educational endeavors." (The Handbook of Accreditation, Higher Learning Commission) UMD's commitment to assessment of student learning has led to campus participation in the Higher Learning Commission's Academy for Assessment of Student Learning. A focus on student learning and the development of effective assessment systems will help faculty and staff move from a teaching paradigm to a learning paradigm, embracing the assessment culture as a way to show how well we accomplish our objectives.

Assessment results will help UMD faculty and staff maintain a focus on student learning and success. Each program, department, unit or function will:

    1. clearly articulate learning outcomes or program objectives that are measurable or observable;
    2. collect data that measures to what extent the outcomes or objectives are being met; and
    3. report how assessment results are used for continuous improvement.

This web site has been started to document the development of campus assessment plans. Resources, guidelines, training schedules, as well as links to individual program plans, will appear on this site as the campus moves forward.

Grants for professional development.   A pool of funds to support development of assessment plans is available for the 2008-09 academic year.