Academic Administration

Assessment System Planning


Beginning fall 2008, UMD began a concerted effort to systematize assessment activities from across the campus.  Following the site visit in March, 2008, the Higher Learning Commission gave UMD a “nudge” to better articulate how we are assessing our efforts to prepare our graduates.  The team wrote that “there is little understanding of the many ways in which assessment can be embedded or integral to existing education processes; there is no university-wide leadership for assessment, and no university-wide processes (such as an assessment committee) for organizing and analyzing assessment data and tracking learning improvements.”  In lieu of a scheduled focus visit in four years, UMD applied and was accepted to the HLC Academy for the Assessment of Student Learning, which will provide guidance and structure to the development of a campus assessment plan. 

On November 5-7, six members of the UMD Council for Advancement of Student Learning (CASL), and Vice Chancellor Magnuson, attended the kickoff Academy workshop.  Over three days, the team crafted a plan for our project, the development of a campus system, which was then refined by the full CASL membership. (Timeline for implementation)  At the Roundtable, mentors took the team through a process that began with our stating the needs of our campus related to assessment of student learning:

Next, the team defined the outcomes for the project to include: 

Next, CASL developed the timeline for implementing the campus system.  Forms that will be used to collect information from programs are linked within the timeline.  Over the next two years and beyond, we will collect:

CASL will continue to evolve and define its role in the process over time.  Initially,

The assessment web site will be used to track and monitor progress of all programs, as well as to provide a venue for transparency and sharing across campus.