Academic Administration

Council for Advancement of Student Learning


The UMD Council for Advancement of Student Learning (CASL) is convened by the assessment director and reports to the Vice Chancellor for Academic Administration. CASL is composed of appointed faculty and staff representatives from academic and functional units that support assessment practices. CASL strives to build capacity to effectively assess student learning, foster a culture of continuous improvement, and guide the development and implementation of a campus assessment plan. Specifically, CASL will:

Initially, the UMD CASL will consist of an associate dean from each of the five collegiate units, a representative of the Educational Policy Committee (EPC), a faculty member at-large, a representative of Academic Support and Student Life, and the director of assessment. As an implementation plan develops, representatives of other functional units may be added to the Council.  Note:  Refer to 11:10-08 minutes where CASL agreed to add three additional faculty and a representative of collegiate Student Affairs offices.

Fall 2008 membership includes:

Spring 2009 membership includes:

All of the above

Julie Ernst

Bilin Tsai

Michelle Hatcher

Mary Keenan

Curtis Phillips