Academic Administration

American Indian Studies B.A. Program Outcomes

Goals and Objectives:

  1. History of relationships between American Indian tribes and federal government including aspects of colonialism
  2. Theory and formal practice of racism and related efforts at assimilation
  3. Unique political status of tribes as extra-constitutional sovereign governments and the political attributes of sovereignty
  4. Legal backdrop derived from treaties, e.g., land base, reserved rights, hunting and fishing rights
  5. Basic institutions which nurture core cultural values among tribal groups
  6. Engage in critical thinking regarding cross-cultural differences between American Indian and non-Indian populations
  7. Knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs that shape intellectual traditions of tribal people as captured through oral traditions, arts, and literature
  8. Application of knowledge gained in the academic program by completing an internship in a tribal community
  9. Ojibwe among those in the language concentration (Familiarity of Ojibwe is required of majors who select the humanities and social sciences concentration.)