Academic Administration

Art B.A. Program Outcomes


The Department of Art and Design serves the upper Midwest region as a vital resource for individuals seeking a comprehensive education in the visual arts.  The department strives to tailor its programs to meet the specific and diverse needs of students pursuing careers in studio practice, art education, art history and graphic design.  The department provides the setting for an investigation of the visual arts in practice, theory and critical discourse.   Students and faculty contribute significantly to an enhanced cultural environment within our region and beyond, through ongoing scholarly research, exhibitions, collaborations and creative activities.  The department is committed to maintaining the highest standards of achievement in the areas of academic excellence and professional practice in an atmosphere that promotes effective learning and the open exchange of ideas and information.

Student Learning Outcomes

With a BA degree in Art our graduates will have:

A.  Cognitive


1.           Knowledge of formal elements and principles of design

Students will know how to organize visual information.

2.           Knowledge of historical aspects of visual art and culture

Students will be able to reference, historical precedent, context and relative currency with respect to discussion, analysis and production of artwork.

B.  Behavioral

3.           Effective speaking and writing skills

Students will demonstrate an ability to articulate intentions, concepts, and criticisms verbally and in writing.

4.           Skill in mediums, materials, tools and processes

Students will exhibit an appropriate level of competency across a range of studio methods.

C.  Affective


5.           Ability to analyze, interpret, critique and evaluate work

Students will demonstrate an ability to respond to visual information from a point of view that considers a range of contemporary issues, including (but not limited to) differing perspectives, cultural diversity, global citizenship and ethical practice.