Academic Administration

Art History B.A. Program Outcomes


The Department of Art and Design serves the upper Midwest region as a vital resource for individuals seeking a comprehensive education in the visual arts.  The department strives to tailor its programs to meet the specific and diverse needs of students pursuing careers in studio practice, art education, art history and graphic design.  The department provides the setting for an investigation of the visual arts in practice, theory and critical discourse.   Students and faculty contribute significantly to an enhanced cultural environment within our region and beyond, through ongoing scholarly research, exhibitions, collaborations and creative activities.  The department is committed to maintaining the highest standards of achievement in the areas of academic excellence and professional practice in an atmosphere that promotes effective learning and the open exchange of ideas and information.

Student Learning Outcomes

With a BA in Art History our graduates will have:


Cognitive outcomes:

1. Know how art objects and visual artifacts function in multiple contexts (artistic, social, intellectual, historical) and in relation to other disciplines in the humanities.

2. Know the standard canon of art history with a general body of knowledge about objects, monuments and visual practices from many historical periods and from various regions of the world.

3. Recognize various art historical methods and be familiar with current theoretical debates.

 Behavioral outcomes:

1. Competency in the basic research methods in art history

2.  The ability to write and speak about works of art using the critical language and vocabulary of art history

 Affective Outcomes:

1. Art historians must acknowledge and cite appropriately the work of scholars.

2. Art historians within an educational setting must use copyrighted imagery and material in a proper manner.