Academic Administration

Exercise Science B.A.Sc. Program Outcomes

Graduates of the Exercise Science program are expected to demonstrate that they are:

  1. possessors of the intellectual capacity necessary to assimilate scientific knowledge regarding physical activity, exercise, and training;  [**ACF]
  2. able to incorporate and correctly apply diverse data from the exercise science sub-domains: exercise physiology, biomechanics, motor behavior, and nutrition; [ABC]
  3. critical thinkers prepared to ethically use the tenets of the scientific method in personal and professional decision making;  [ACF]
  4. able to select and employ technologies and processes when seeking to understand and influence human movement in the context of physical activity, exercise, and training [ABC]
  5. knowledgeable in the mechanisms underlying human behavior change and able to facilitate integration of positive health behaviors [A,B]
  6. able to plan, implement, evaluate, and (when appropriate) revise interventions in clinical, health-related, and training environments [ABC]