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Geological Sciences B.A. Program Outcomes


The mission of UMD the Geological Sciences Department is to provide undergraduate students with the highest quality earth science education. We take great pride in a strong tradition of undergraduate studies and we are recognized nationally for quality of undergraduate and graduate education.  The Department offers numerous opportunities for field-based study and independent research. We strive to prepare leaders and citizens of tomorrow, ready for careers in education, industry, pure and applied research, government and public policy, with excellent scientific and communication skills.  Our department offers opportunities for research in a wide range of fields, from solid-earth geology, geophysics, and tectonics; to Quaternary geology and climate studies; lacustrine geochemistry; basin modeling, economic geology, and planetary geology. Our faculty reflect a strong commitment to teaching and research in the most vital areas of earth science today.


Students completing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Geological Sciences will have: