Academic Administration

Recreation--Outdoor Education B.A.Sc. Program Outcomes

At the end of the program, our graduates should KNOW:    (Cognitive outcomes)


  1. Students will accurately describe ecological relationships that involve both human and natural systems:
    • Identify and describe natural phenomena
    • Explain how individuals impact the environment
    • Discuss ecological, political, social implications of environmental issues
    • Assess alternative solutions to environmental issues.
  2. Students will accurately describe fundamental goals, characteristics, historical perspectives, and underlying theories of outdoor and environmental education:
    • Justify the purpose of and need for outdoor and environmental education.
    • Describe and apply learning theories, which include constructivism and experiential learning, within the context of educational programming.
  3. Students will identify appropriate resource management agencies, outdoor and environmental education organizations, and relevant curricula and program materials/resources that can support their work as outdoor and environmental educators.


At the end of the program, our graduates should be able to demonstrate these SKILLS:  (Behavioral outcomes)


  1. Students will demonstrate effective leadership in outdoor educational management  settings.
  2. Students will be able to develop and implement comprehensive risk analysis for a variety of outdoor and environmental education activities.
  3. Students will demonstrate the ability to organize, write and present a comprehensive management plan for an outdoor or environmental education setting.
  4. Students will be able to develop, implement, and assess instructionally effective outdoor and environmental education lessons and interpretive programs for non-formal and formal settings that utilize a variety of educational methodologies.
  5. Students will demonstrate competence in physical and technical skills for travel in the outdoor recreational context as defined by instructor level industry standards.

At the end of the program, our graduates should hold these PROFESSIONAL VALUES:   (Affective Outcomes)


  1. Students will accept the responsibility to model professional behaviors pertinent to outdoor education including stewardship, ethics, and respect toward people, place, and nature.
  2. Students will value outdoor and environmental education experiences as a part of healthy, active lifestyles and as an avenue for fostering sustainability and a personal connectedness to the natural world.