Academic Administration

Writing Studies B.A. Program Outcomes

Graduates with a B.A. in Writing Studies will be able to:

Articulate foundational concepts in the discipline of Writing Studies.

Students will be able to communicate theoretical and historical principles fundamental to the discipline of Writing Studies, including, but not limited to, the history of literacy, writing systems, and writing technology as well as contemporary writing, linguistic, rhetorical, and journalistic theories.

Conduct research proficiently.

Students will be able to locate, evaluate, interpret, and synthesize both primary and secondary (print and electronic) sources as well as be familiar with and able to use fundamental research methods.  Students will be able to read critically, thereby enabling them to make ethical, responsible choices in response to and support of specific rhetorical tasks.

Compose well-written professional documents for specific rhetorical situations.

Students will be able to identify and analyze the interplay among writers, diverse audiences, media, and subjects to produce suitable and persuasive texts, both independently and collaboratively. Students will be able to make appropriate technological and stylistic choices to carry out these writing tasks efficiently and effectively.

Engage in a writing process that results in effective documents.

Students will be able to plan, draft, revise, and edit text in response to self-assessment as well as feedback from others using a recursive process, resulting in a document that achieves its goals given the rhetorical situation presented.

Recognize that writing is a tool for lifelong learning.

Students will learn to see thinking as inextricably linked to writing, identifying and practicing writing as a lifelong tool for complex critical thinking and problem solving tasks.

Employ writing as a tool for civic engagement.

Students will be able to identify situations in which writing can be used to influence the thoughts and actions of social, cultural, professional, and political organizations and groups and ethically respond to these situations using the appropriate writing medium.

Write Edited Standard Written English.

Students will be able to produce text that is free from the kinds of spelling, usage, grammar, and punctuation errors that hinder clear communication.