Academic Administration

Philosophy B.A. Outcomes

The UMD Department of Philosophy has designed two major tracks , the successful completion of which will enable students to:

  1. Demonstrate competence in the core problems of Philosophy and its  traditions.
    Students will be able to identify major philosophers and describe the  problems these philosophers addressed.
  2. Communicate and debate philosophical issues, both verbally and in writing.
    Students will be able to argue for points of view, defend their  assertions, and recognize and assess counterarguments.
  3. Think critically and creatively in seeking solutions to practical  and theoretical problems.
    Students will be able to construct strategies for addressing both real  and hypothetical problems.
  4. Reflect fair-mindedly and critically about issues pertaining to  human diversity in the context of their historical background.
    Students will be cognizant of differing perspectives based on gender,  race, ethnicity, religious belief, and other vectors; students will be  able to identify issues of social justice stemming from such  differences.
  5. Bring to the solution of social problems a set of analytical and  critical thinking skills.
    Students will be able to analyze concepts and critically evaluate  claims and arguments; students will be able to apply these skills to  social problems in a variety of areas.
  6. Use ethical reasoning to make informed and principled choices.
    Students will be able to use ethical theories to guide their life  choices and make determinations of right and wrong.