Academic Administration

Resources on Assessment

Handout from Barbara Walvoord's workshop for faculty.  Contact Jackie Millslagle at 7191 to borrow the recording of Dr. Walvoord's workshop. 

A variety of documents to help utilize Bloom's Taxonomy.

Overview.  Includes key words for writing outcomes. 

Polygon.  Provides a visual

Verb List

The Critical Thinking Community (website)

National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE)

Voluntary System of Accountability (VSA). 

VSA Article from Leadership Exchange

Authentic Assessment Toolbox

Assessment Conferences

Winona State University Assessment Office has compiled a very complete list of assessment resources. 

North Carolina State University Internet Resources for Higher Education Outcomes Assessment -- also a very complete compilation of links. 

See what other institutions are doing


Publications.  The publications listed in this bibliography can be borrowed by contacting Jackie Millslagle by email or phone at 7191.

Program Outcomes.  Google for specific discipline outcomes, e.g., biology outcomes, English outcomes. 

Chronicle of Higher Education.  Assessment Statement endorsed by 100 public and private colleges and universities--includes examples of assessment activities at several institutions. 

Curriculum Map Examples

Utah State University -- Horticulture

California State -- Business

Writing Assessment Plans - Kansas State University

Council for Advancement of Standards in Higher Education - Under the CAS STATEMENTS link, note the CAS STatement of Learning and Developmental Outcomes

Historical UMD Assessment documents. 

Peter Ewell on the assessment movement