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UMD Campus Climate Data Access Process

In spring 2016, UMD students, faculty, and staff participated in an assessment of campus climate. Visit the UMD Campus Climate webpage for complete information.

The assessment was completed by Dr. Susan Rankin of Rankin and Associates. Assessment results were shared with the University community in September 2016.

The Office of Institutional Research houses the datafile with deidentified individual assessment responses. These data may be made available to internal researchers following the process. Please review response rates prior to requesting data.

Access to Data Process Summary:

  1. Prospective researcher completes the Campus Climate Survey Data Proposal form.
  2. Primary investigator (OIR) forwards proposal to data review subcommittee of the Campus Survey Working Group.
  3. Subcommittee reviews the proposal to see if the research question can be examined with the current data without compromising confidentiality.
  4. Subcommittee makes recommendation to PI. If approved by PI, the prospective researcher is contacted and advised to submit an IRB application requesting secondary use of the dataset (if required).
  5. If approved by the IRB, the researcher is provided with only the summarized data necessary to respond to the question.

    Six-month moratorium on access to the data - March 2017

    UMPR oversees any external data requests.



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