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ECS Reserve Cap Panel

A Requirement Group number must be entered for each set of reserved seats; therefore, this panel is "Display Only" for ECS users.  Use this panel to verify that seats are set aside for a specific group of students (e.g., Continuing Education seats). Email any changes to  

If there is more than one group that is to have reserved seats, the Reserve Capacity Sequence number determines the order in which the requirement groups are evaluated when students are registering.

The START DATE should always be prior to the first day of registration for that term.  Be sure to put an END DATE if you want the seats to become available to anyone after a specific date, e.g., Continuing Ed seats became available to anyone as of 12:01 A.M. on September 1.  If there is no End Date entered, the reserved seats stay intact during the roll forward.

The REQUIREMENT GROUP number is the 6-digit number specific to a particular group of students.  It defines specific groups of students who have access to the course, either by plan code, credits completed, etc.  VCAA (Nancy Burley) creates these numbers depending on the type of requirement.

The CAP ENRL must have a number entered in order for the Reserved Seat function to work.  Once registration starts, the ENROLLMENT TOTAL will show how many students have registered for the section that meet the criteria of the Requirement Group.

NOTE: The Reserved Seat function does not allow the enrollment cap to be set lower than the total number of seats reserved.  If a department wants the enrollment cap set to zero and there are 2 reserved seats for Continuing Education, the enrollment cap can be no lower than 2.

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