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Special Credit Registration - Proposal Procedure

Note:  If a program/course has been previously approved for special credit registration and no changes have occurred, refer to the previous proposal number and only complete the budget section. 

  1. Complete the Special Credit Registration proposal form (see Curriculum Forms), answering all questions in detail.
  2. Route the proposal for signatures.
  3. Following VCAA approval, course(s) added at catalog level (ECAS and PeopleSoft).
  4. Copies of approved proposal distributed to campus units (all units that signed the proposal form).
  5. Course sections entered to PEopleSoft by respective unit.
  6. Fee entered to the fee database by VCAA.
  7. Course offering data entered as follows:
    1. Financial Aid: 
      1. determine if program is eligible for financial aid.
      2. do any student-specific processing/checking needed
    2. Student Accounts Receivable
      1. enter all fees that will be charged - (Twin Cities Campus)
      2. deal with any potential waiver issues
      3. handle adjustment/refunds as approved.
    3. Registrar's Office:  Study abroad only--enter grades, revised credits and program memo at end of term.


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