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Potential Impact of Curricular Changes

As curricular changes are planned, faculty should consider how the change will be implemented and its impact on students currently in the system.  To accommodate PCAS, ECAS, and APAS functionalities and to keep systems consistent, new courses cannot be added to previous catalog versions of majors or minors.  Below are examples of how this impacts students in special cases. 

Example #1.  In the 2014 catalog, a minor has 3 required courses plus electives. 

Minor v.2014 requires


Course AA

Course BB

Course CC

One of the 3 required courses is removed and replaced with a new course with an effective term of fall 2015.

Minor v.2015 requires


Course AA

Course CC

Course DD (new course effective 2006)

If a student admitted to UMD prior to 2015 takes Course DD (the new required course in v.2015), it will not satisfy his/her APAS requirements without a fix (either change the catalog year for the minor on the student's record to 2015, or do an APAS exception on the student's record). 

System policy requires that PCAS and APAS requirements be the same for a specific catalog year.  However, if Course BB in v.2014 had been deleted from the curriculum with the intent that Course DD substitute, programs may seek an exception to this policy based on efficiency in maintaining student records.  In this scenario, the department might seek approval through EVCAA to revise v.2014 requirements in APAS to include the new course (DD).   

Example #2.  When required electives for a major or minor can be taken from all available courses in a discipline, it is better to define this requirement as  3 courses from ART 3xxx, or 6 credits from EDUC 5xxx, or BIOL 3xxx except for…, rather than list all possible courses.  In this way, when a new course is added to the curriculum, it automatically becomes available as an elective course in catalogs prior to the effective date of the new course.

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