Visualization and Digital Imaging Lab
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2004 Summer Research Reports

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Paul Siders Chemistry
Simulation of the driven lattice gas using MPI on the Viz Lab Beowulf cluster

Justin Rubin Music
Digital Music Editing

John Swenson Geology
Fluvial sedimentation controlled by distal subaqueous sediment dynamics

Yuhu Yan Graduate Student under Professor Michael Sydor, Physics
Water Quality Visualization in Lake Superior Based on GIS and RS

Steve Sternberg Chemical Engineering
Visualizing the Flow of Contaminants Through Soil

Richard Axler NRRI
Flash Flood: Interactive Animations of Stormwater and Wastewater Flows in Duluth’s Urban Watersheds

Robert Appleton Art+Design
Design and Improvisation

Joellyn Rock Art+Design
The Vasalisa Project

Paul Kiprof Chemistry
Theoretical Investgation of the Hydrofromylation Reaction