Visualization and Digital Imaging Lab
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2006 Summer Research Reports

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Jefferson Campbell Music
Live instrumental improvising and composing with Garageband, Protools and bassoon

Clay Carter and Brian Kram Biology
Identification and analysis of genes expressed in canola flowers

Rachel MaKarrall Biology
Creating Useful Tools for Learning Insect Anatomy (PDF - 104k)

Web site showcasing grasshopper anatomy. Built in Strata 3D

Joellyn Rock Art+Design
The Mysteries Project: Image Research, Photography and Digital Compositing

Eun Kyung Suh Art+Design
3D computer graphics in art (PowerPoint Presentation - 19.7Mb)

Joseph Johnson Biochemistry
Analyzing Potential Protein-Protein Interations in Alzheimer’s Disease

Thomas J. Wegren Music
"TRIUMPH" for Wind Ensemble, Piano/Synthesizer Quartet, Two Alto Singers and Synchronized Abstract Computer Graphics Integrated with Illustrations from Sibling’s The Maps of Tolkien’s Middle Earth (Microsoft Word document - 44k)