Visualization and Digital Imaging Lab
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2007 Summer Research Reports

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James Allert Computer Science
Making Tutorials for CS Classes with Adobe Captivate (an e-learning authoring tool)

Terry Hams Graduate student, IBS
Avian Foraging Mechanisms in Relation to Preferences in Goldenrod Gall Predation

Beth Holbrook Graduate student, Biology
Foraging Behavior of Age-0 Lake Trout (Salvelinus namaycush)

Julie Palakovich Carr Graduate student, Biology
Predicting the impacts of climate change on Canada lynx

Rob Wittig Art+Design
Podcasting in the Digital Arts

Justin Rubin Music
Virtual Instrument Sequencing

Tory Olson Graduate student, Biology
Comparing native and invasive zooplankton using grayscale analysis

Janice Kmetz Art+Design
No Loser, No Weeper

Doug Dunham Computer Science
Hyperbolic geometry program

Jean “Rudy” Perrault Music
Music in Haiti: caught between two worlds