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Take a virtual tour of the Viz Lab

(Quicktime Movie - streaming 4kb) A quick overview of the Visualization and Digital Imaging Lab located in MPAC 154 on the University of Minnesota Duluth campus.

Virtual tour of the Viz Lab

This video was shot and edited in the Viz Lab in collaboration with Rob Hofmann, to highlight the gracious generosity of Mary Ann and Rob Weber.


Thermal Imaging of Foraging Moose

Thermal image of moose on the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska taken in August 2010 with the Viz Lab Raytheon Nightsight PalmIR 250. White colors indicate warmer temperatures. Losing heat to the air is one way that moose regulate body temperature. This is part of a research project on moose in northeastern Minnesota. The moose population in northwest Minnesota collapsed, and moose in the northeast are undergoing higher mortality than expected. We will deploy radiotelemetry collars on moose in NE Minnesota to investigate this problem. These collars will be among the most advanced collars deployed on any animal in the world, with GPS units, activity counters, and temperature sensors. We will measure behavioral responses and habitat choices in weather thought to cause problems for moose (e.g., periods with temperature > 85 farenheit in summer). We will also identify habitats moose are using for foraging, for resting, and for calving. This project is enhanced by similar projects in in Voyageurs National Park, Quetico Provincial Park, and the Grand Portage Indian Reservation. Cooperators also include the MN Dept. of Natural Resources, the 1854 Treaty Authority, the U.S. Geological Survey, and Fond du Lac Indian Reservation Natural Resource Agency.

Ron Moen - NRRI

Viz Lab Vignettes

Directed by Bill Payne (SFA - Theatre)
Filmed/edited by Zack Swanson (05 graduate - SFA - Art+Design)
Produced by Lisa Fitzpatrick (Viz Lab)

Erik Brown - LLO/Geology

Justin Rubin - Music

Lucas Ives presentation (Pixar Animation - 2004)

(Quicktime Movie - 11.5Mb) A snippet from Lucas Ives's presentation to Games and Animation in 2004. Sponsored by the Viz Lab