The Metamorphosis of Peace
collaboration was conceived and curated by art and design professors Alison Aune and Joellyn Rock at The University of Minnesota Duluth, USA. The graphic identity, posters and other design elements were created by undergraduate research grantee, Danielle Nelson.This online exhibit was designed by Joellyn Rock.

Alison Aune guided her art education students in developing lesson plans and working with children in the outreach classrooms. Using an artist-based curriculum, students at UMD and in the Duluth Public Schools created their own artwork inspired by themes and forms in the work of Francisco da Costa Maya. Instructional materials were developed by UMD elementary education and art education majors. The children's activity book was translated by Barbara Aguiar.

University of
Minnesota Duluth
Collaborative Team

Alison Aune PhD
Associate Professor
Art Education Area Head

Joellyn Rock MFA
Assistant Professor
Art and Design

Danielle Nelson
Graphic Design

in Art and Elementary Education

Children in the Duluth Public Schools, Duluth, Minnesota