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You are probably reading this page because you are a fair share fee payor of this Union. Please consider joining the Union by signing a membership card (available by contacting the Local office) to become a full member. Your membership means we will be able to do more, without it means a possible settlement for less.

Why is it important to become a member?

  • A large and diverse membership is the main source of the Union's strength.
    As a member you are showing support for our accomplishments, both past and future.
  • When our union makes decisions together in elections and meetings it is the membership who participate in those decisions.
  • A high membership rate also creates the potential for us to negotiate strong contracts.

Now is the time to increase our membership rate. The University judges our strength in contract negotiations based on our membership. A high membership rate greatly increases our ability to negotiate a fair and equitable contract. If you have not signed a membership card this is the time to do so. The amount deducted from your check will only increase by a few dollars a month. This small amount of money will make a big difference in determining your economic well being in the work place.

University Clerical and Technical employees are still making less than State of Minnesota AFSCME represented employees. In our next contract negotiations we must narrow the gap between University and State of Minnesota salaries.

In the recent contract negotiations we were able to have steps deleted from the bottom of over 30 clerical and technical job classifications. In our next contract negotiations we must continue to have steps at the bottom of the range removed and add steps to the top of the range. This will benefit not only new hires but will keep the salaries moving up for our long term employees who are at the top of the range.

It is the membership who decides what we stand for as a Union. You are the Union. You make decisions on better contract language proposals. Decide to sign a membership card and you will be supporting your present and future coworkers at UMD.

Working together we can and will have a major impact on our salaries, job security and mobility at the University. Our real power lies in our numbers and our ability to mobilize our work force. Thank you for your support and always remember:

This University Works Because We Do!

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