American Federation for State County Municipal Employees called A F S C M E

Local 3801

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We are very grateful for all of the support, donations, waves, honks, thumbs-up, smiles, and laughter...thank you, Duluth community!

You don't have to be a member to participate and support the union to help prevent a future strike.

Letter writing to our state legislators (House/Senate) may be the best activity right now to inform them that the funding they provided to the University for 3.25% COLAs to the U employees was not wholly provided. The U gave 2.25% to AFSCME clerical/technical, 2.75% to AFSCME health care, and 3% to Teamster workers.

If we, AFSCME employees, end up striking again, please, at the very least stay at home as long as you possibly can. Strikes will end quicker with better results if we all try to stay together...we know it is hard for people to miss their paycheck. If we don't have a union, we'll have to figure out what we shall do, as we will not have a negotiation strategy to keep our jobs.

Also, members or not, please join us for our meetings for business and socializing.

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