CS4411/CS5651 Information Technology and Hardware

TA - Ashraful Alam (Tushar)

Lecture : 12:30pm-1:45pm Tu, Thu HH 302
LAB : 08:00am-09:50am Mon HH306
12:00pm-01:50pm Mon HH306

Office Hours : 5:00pm - 8:00pm Mon HH 314

Welcome to my homepage for CS4411/CS5651. Don't be intimidated by my long first name,
I go with my nick name which is 'Tushar' (Pronounced - 'Tu - shar')

This page will serve as your resource for everything that I would talk about in Labs and may be some
from the office hours. From time to time I might put up some short programs that will help you do your assignments.

Dr.Shute's homepage a very good resource for a lot of things. If you are new to using UNIX click here to
get a feel for it.
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