Active Chapter, 1960



As the oldest fraternity at UMD, we will be celebrating 50 years of brotherhood in the fall of 2009.

On October 22, 1959, ANO was first recognized as a campus organization

With over 350 alumni, they provide the brothers with a variety of scholarships.

Translated from Greek, the name was to read: Alpha (the first) Nu (the newest) Omega (the greatest)

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Eight founding members:

Thomas W. Kraus, Charles G. Holzer, John C. Eckholm, Robert G. Pike, William E. Peterson, Richard E. Pease, Gerald R. Maeckelbergh and  Lynn D. Jamison

In the Fall of 1959, these eight people agreed on a name for the Fraternity. The name they chose was Alpha Nu Omega—a name that would appear emblematic and significant of the high ideals that they wanted to be desired through the years.


On March 2, 1960, the first pledge class received their pins--the Blue and White shield--to wear proudly at all times. This first class consisted of the following: Frank Borelli, Jan Dizard, Donald Eckholm, Tony Fiskett, David Johnson, Paul Johnson, Lewis Latto, Marshall Linnander, David L Olson, Myron Pike, Kirk Ransom and Leonard Stone.  



The pin consists of a five-pointed star set on a shield. The five points represent the five principles of this Fraternity. The letters of the Fraternity are inside the upper three points. The Key of Friendship is inside the lower left point. The Light of Truth is inside the lower right point. In the center is the great pyramid of strength. The shield represents the honor of the Fraternity.