Mom, we will always love and remember you.
We thank you for all your great life lessons you have taught us through the years.
You will miss our weddings and our children, but you'll always be there in our hearts.

We love you Mom

In loving memory of Carolyn L. Dean

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    Mom and Rachel


I'd gone though many hardships
Some good times, and some bad.
And you were always there for me.
Cause no one else, is what I had.
You loved me better than you could.
You taught me how to sew,
You taught me how to listen and love.
To let my feelings show,

But I'd never known a hardship,
I'd never known real tears.
Not until your sweet kind words,
Were far, gone from my ears.
I lost the lessons that you taught me.
Kept them locked away inside.
I forgot how to listen, forgot how to love,
Kept my tears behind my eyes.

I remembered how to listen.
Had never forgot how to sew.
He re-taught me how to love,
Then, I let my feelings show.

Looking at it now, I see.
You were greater than I thought,
The most important thing you taught me,
Is not to let anything be forgot.

I promise not to forget you.
Or the lessons that you taught.
There'll always be a place for you,
At the bottom, the root of my heart.

    Mom and Rachel

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