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In Memoriam...

"... and the light of Brotherhood shall burn throughout Eternity."

Leonard H. I. Stone

Len Stone died on October 24, 2001 of ALS. (Lou Gehrig's disease) Len very much enjoyed the reunion with his brothers in 1999. He talked about it afterwards often. Three months after the reunion Len was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. In June of 2000 the Doctor's detemined it was ALS. He continued to work until November of 2000. ALS ravaged his nervous system. Len lost the use of most of his muscles and his voice but remained alert, positive and his faith in God remained constant. On October 24, 2001, he died very peacefully. His memorial service was held in the Stone's home church, Irving First Methodist, Irving Texas on October 27.

Len is survived by his wife Cynthia, son Russell, daughter Martha Michalewicz and two grandchildren Kristin and Davis. Len was a member of our first pledge class pledging in the winter of 1960.(Bond Book Number 004). Len received a BA degree in Geology and subsequently a Masters degree from St. Louis University. He most recently was a network Engineer and analyst with Wang International at INS in Dallas. Len was substantially involved with the Network Professional Association, Novell CNE.

Len (second from right) with brothers & friends at 40th reunion at Pickwick Restaurant