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In Memoriam...

"... and the light of Brotherhood shall burn throughout Eternity."

Myron T. Pike

Mike Pike was a James Wright Hunt scholarship winner graduationg with a BA in chemistry in 1963. He was awarded a freshman achievement award at UMD. Mike's UMD activities included Chemistry club, the Campus Christian Fellowship (U.C.C.F.), and the tutorial society. Fraternity activities included serving as the academic chairman of Alpha in 1961-1962 and 1962-1963 and acting as a representative on the Interfraternity Council. (I.F.C.). Mike's wife Jeris was the Sno Week queen in 1961. Subsequent to his graduation from UMD he recieved a P.H.D. from Northwestern University in 1968.

Mike enjoyed a long career in product development with 3M Corporation. Mike and founder Bob Pike made up Alpha's first brother Alphas. He died of a malignant brain tumor and is survived by his wife Jeris and son Richard.