"Fight Water", a dance choreographed by Erica Wilson-Perkins
Produced by University of Minnesota Duluth
Department of Theatre
February 6 - 9, 2002

Seven dancers
Approx. 8 minutes long
Seperated into three pieces
The eighth dance piece of the evening, 10 pieces in all.
Erica Wilson-Perkins is a guest choreographer from CounterGroove Dance Company.
Eric Wilson-Perkins e-mail address is as follows: erica@countergroove.com
CounterGroove Dance Company
attn: Erica Wilson-Perkins
60 Milwaukee
Box 516
Detroit, MI 49202-9998

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D. | | E. | F.
G. Ground Plan
  A. Preliminary sketch showing the paper above the dances, gathered tightly on stage right.
B. Preliminary sketch showing paper overhead, stretching across to stage left.
C. Color introducted in this sketch, possibly by a front projection? The curved images support the same detail found in the tubes.
D. Interesting backdrop idea, for a future production perhaps? The black holes reinforce the tube shapes.
E. Introduction of blue color.
F. Back drop idea using 'six pack ringers'
G. Ground Plan. The bold black lines are masking curtains with light trees positioned in the wings. The bold 'pink' lines, indicate my suggestion for the 'six pack ringers' hanging positions. I estimate the depth of stage from proscenium plaster line to the 'six pack ringers' is 24'-0". The legs indicate a 12'-0" depth. The opening of the legs are approximately 30' wide. The proscenium opening is 40'-0" wide. Give me another call Erica and let me know what you think about the placement of scenery.

Order of Production:

1) Erin Rehberg's Piece, "Time Before", white cyc
2) Christy Dalton's Piece, "Becoming". - Oklahoma! sky drop
3) Kim's Solo, "The Fact of a Doorframe" - Black cyc, (set pieces)
4) Lila Coates Piece, No title to date - Black cyc
5) Kim's Large Group Piece, Mourning/Morning - Painted drop
6) Laurie Merriman's, "Waiting for Ecstasy" - Black cyc
7) Sarah Brokke's Piece, "Unthreaded" - Black cyc
8) Eric's Piece, "Fight Water" - Black cyc, flown & travelled scenic piece
9) Kim's Duet, "Kreak of Floorboards", Black cyc, flown scenic piece
10) Billy's Piece, "Gettin' to it", white cyc.


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