Scene Design Commission Meeting, March, 2007
USITT National Conference, Phoenix, AZ


1.   John Ezell, University of Missouri, Kansas City, assistant Gene Friedman
           Jon Young, contact, , 816.584.6451
            Arden Weaver, , 218.726.8780
            ¼ inch models, Arizona conference

Discuss this exhibit and how we can organize future shows more efficiently. Budget Planning for such event as the Ezell Exhibit is very important.

See the John Ezell exhibit next to the USITT Booth in the middle of the Cover The Walls exhibition

2.   Conference Program Proposal
           Continue our series -  
Tracing our Roots: Continuing the Family Tree of Scene Design
            Andrew Rich, and Daniel Schindler, co-chairs
            Richard Finkelstein, Michael Mehler, Gerry Patt and James Cunningham.



Contact List:

Joe Thompson, , 580.774.7334
Jon Young, , 816.584.6451
Andy Rich, , 570.372.4056
Dave Shuhy, , 757.226.4201
Gerry Patt, , 410.430.5038
Daniel Schindler, , 970.231.1743
James G. Cunningham, , 580.745.2835

Arden Weaver,, 218-726-8780


3.  Investigate the prospects of inviting Robert O'Hearn to the Houston National Conference, 1. Exhibit, 2. Visit and 3. Honour.   The Designs of Robert O'Hearn, Indiana, Opera Design (retiring soon)
Andrew Rich, contact e-mail, , 570.372.4056
a) retrospective exhibit, b) conference visit, c) honor in Houston?

4. Houston workshop and exhibit idea: Robert Moody, painting workshop with an exhibit of his drawings.

5.   PDW, pre-conference session.   Houston plans for a Tobin Collection tour has had a positive reaction by several folks in the Institute. Do we still have interest? Judy Blake, curator, Tobin Collection will be contacted by James Cunningham.

6.   Connections should be investigated with the following Houston organizations: Houston Ballet, Houston Opera, Alley Theatre, Houston Shakespeare and Edward Albee.

7. Heritage Pod Cast
An e-mail to Bobbi Owen, I wish to introduce an idea to you now, so that we might be able to discuss this idea in more detail in Phoenix next month. As you may know I'm involved with Heritage, Scene Design Commission. Heritage has a lot of different meanings to everyone involved in our profession. However, I would like to investigate one idea of capturing moments of history for the Institute. As an example, the other day I discovered an old cassette audio tape from 1975 lecture of Jo Mielziner at Emporia, Kansas. I down loaded the tape on my hard drive and am now processing the file into an audio pod cast. What would be the likelihood of being able to present historical sound bites from the USITT web site, someday? For all the membership to access as well as future generations to see and hear some of the old tapes that are becoming extinct? Please share this note with Gordon, and anyone else that would be a positive influence for a project such as this. Thanks Bobbi. Oh, Let's talk more about PLASTERING those WALLS in a few years, ok? Arden
RESPONSE: I'm worried about permissions for tapes - and think it might be possible to share on an ad hoc basis but not generally -
and thought to put it on the pub committee agenda for Phoenix.

If committee members have unique out of print books of interest, please share the bibliographies.

8. Composition and Rendering, Bishop, 1933


Her`it`age   (her'e-tij)   something handed down from one's ancestors or the past, as a culture, tradition, passed down from predecessors

    March, 2006, Louisville, KY