BFA in Theatre

with a Design/Technical Theatre Emphasis

Many of the classes required for the major are indicated below:
A sample of classes are linked below for further inquiry:

Semester Course #   Course Titles
Th 0901 B.F.A. Qualifying Presentation
Th 1112   Acting I
Th 1351 Stage Rendering Techniques
Th 1301 Stagecraft
Th 1501   Stage Lighting I
Th 1401   Costume Construction I
Th 1451   Stage Makeup
Th 1801   Elements of Theatre
Th 1599   Lighting/Sound Practicum
Th 1299 Th Marketing and Box Office Management Practicum
Th 1499   Costume Practicum
Th 1399 Scenery and Stage Properties Practicum 
Th 1699   Running Crew Practicum
Th 3201   Stage Direction
Th 3331 Scenic Design I
Th 3441   Costume Design I
Th 3699 Production Practicum
Th 3991   Independent Study in Theatre
Th 4801   History Theatre I
Th 4802   History Theatre II
Th 4851   Drama and Performance Theory
Th 4331 Scenic Design II
Th 4501   Stage Lighting II
Th 4441   Costume Design II
Th 4351 Portfolio Preparation and Presentation
Th 4399   Theatre: Special Projects
Scenic Design
  Costume Design
  Lighting Design
  Sound Design
Th 4901 Intern Teaching in Theatre
Th 5991   Independent Study in Theatre
  (Three from the following:)
Th 1551   Sound Design
Th 3371 Scene Painting
Th 3351 Theatrical Drafting
Th 3401   Costume Construction II
Th 3381 Theatre Design: Period Styles
Th 3699   Production Management Practicum
Stage Property Master
Paint Charge
Th 1601   Stage Management
Th 3355 Computer-Aided-Theatrical Design

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