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Introduction to Criminology (Crim 1301) Introduction to Sociology (Soc 1101)
Sociology of the Family (Soc 1201)

Sociology 1201 Old slides

Sociological Theory (Soc 2111) Introduction to Research Methods (Soc 2155)
Quantitative Research Methods & Analysis (Soc 3155) Sociology of Deviance (Soc3306)
Sociology 3330: The American Civil Rights Movement Special Topics: Sociology of Religion (3595)
Urban Justice Tour (Soc 3841)

Social Psychology (Soc 3701)

Social Change, Social Policy(Soc 3901) Social Stratification (Soc 3945)
Corporate and Governmental Deviance(Crim 4350) Race and Ethnic Relations (Soc 4949)

Other Links for Students

Who Am I?
References for jobs or graduate school
Careers for Sociology Majors ASA Resources for Students

ASA Study: What Are They Doing With a Bacherlor'ss Degree in Sociology

ASA: The Sociology Major as Preparation for Careers in Business
UMS online workshops for study skills Academic Search Premier(for finding journal articles that relate to Criminology or Sociology)
Point of View: Streaming

Frontline Videos for online viewing (2004-present)

My perspective on Graduate School American Experience (streaming video)
Global Citizenship (Falk) UMD Grad Follow-up Reports (Career Services)
Documentary Films ASA Section on Sociological Practice: Newsletter
Manners and Methods for Aspiring Sociologists American Memory Timeline: Library of Congress

Other sociology/social issues links

 A Sociological Tour Through Cyberspace Interesting Masters Programs: Illinois State
ASA Section on Sociological Practice and Applied Sociology  
 Dead Sociologists Index  Soc 1101 B
 Sociologists of Minnesota  Midwest Sociological Society
 American Sociological Association  General Social Survey Codebooks
General Social Survey Survey Documentation and Analysis
National Opinion Research Center ICPSR
United for a Fair Economy Public Data Sources for Sociologists (ASA)
UNE MSW Resources for Sociology  
Practicing Sociology Podcasts
European Social Survey


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