Midwest/McGehee Dynamical Systems Conference

University of Minnesota
November 1-4, 2018
Minneapolis, MN

The Midwest Dynamical Systems Conference is being preceded by a satellite conference in honor of Dick McGehee's career contributions to dynamical systems.
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  Midwest Speakers  
  Aaron Brown, University of Chicago  
  Chris Jones, University of North Carolina  
  Richard McGehee, University of Minnesota Twin Cities  
  Katherine Meyer , University of Minnesota Twin Cities  
  Konstantin Mischaikow, Rutgers University  
  Alice Nadeau , University of Minnesota Twin Cities  
  Anca Radulescu, SUNY New Paltz  
  James Yorke, University of Maryland  
  Mary Lou Zeeman, Bowdoin College  
  McGehee Satellite Conference Speakers  
  Anna Barry, University of Auckland  
  Richard Buckalew, University of Minnesota Duluth  
  Mohamed Elbialy, University of Toledo  
  Marshall Hampton, University of Minnesota Duluth  
  Kaitlin Hill, University of Minnesota Twin Cities  
  Yannis Kevrekidis, Johns Hopkins University  
  Cordelia McGehee, Mayo Clinic Rochester MN  
  Richard Moeckel, University of Minnesota Twin Cities  
  Hinke Osinga , University of Auckland  
  Bruce Peckham , University of Minnesota Duluth  
  Gareth Roberts , Holy Cross  
  Evelyn Sander, George Mason University  
  Mary Silber, University of Chicago  
  Erik Van Vleck, University of Kansas  
  Esther Widiasih, University of Hawaii West O'ahu  
  Saturday Poster Session  
  Montie Avery, University of Minnesota Twin Cities Growing Stripes, With and Without Wrinkles
  James Broda, Bowdoin College Stationary distributions and convergence rates for piecewise deterministic Markov processes
  Adrian Perez Bustamante, Georgia Tech Computation of Domains of Analyticity of invariant circles for the dissipative standard map in the limit of small dissipation
  Harini Chandramouli, University of Minnesota Twin Cities The Hyperbolic Restricted 3-Body Problem and Applications to Celestial Mechanics and Climate Mathematics
  Ivan Chio, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis Lee-Yang zeros for the Cayley Tree and expanding maps of the circle
  Ty Frazier, University of Minnesota Twin Cities Do near triple collisions explain the prevalenceof binary stars in globular clusters?
  Hye Kyung Kim, University of Minnesota Twin Cities A Hopf Bifurcation in a Dynamical Model for Red Coral Populations
  Alice Nadeau, University of Minnesota Twin Cities A new method of carbon isotope data analysis shows net inorganic carbon since 1980
  Shannon Negaard-Paper, University of Minnesota Twin Cities Dispersions: Tools for Systemizing Non-Smooth Dynamical Systems
  Sarah Pierro, University of Minnesota Duluth Modeling Waves in Early Embryonic Drosophila Cells
  Felipe Perez Pereira, University of Bristol Dimension of measures with infinite entropy
  Maria Sanchez and Sayandeep Biswas, University of Minnesota Twin Cities Non-smooth bifurcation analysis on a perturbation of Welander's Model
  Julie Sherman, University of Minnesota Twin Cities Constraints on the Oceanic Carbon Sink Using Atmospheric Oxygen Data
  Cameron Thieme, University of Minnesota Twin Cities Filippov Systems and Dispersions
  Jasper Weinburd, University of Minnesota Twin Cities Advection and Autocatalysis in Banded Vegetation Patterns
  Kitty Yang, Northwestern University The mapping class group of a minimal subshift
If you would like to present a poster, email Bruce Peckham at midwestdynamics2018@gmail.com with your name, affiliation and poster title.

Congratulations to Dick
Please take a moment to send a congratulatory message for Dick. You are also welcome to send photos. Dick's students will compile a multimedia album of cards, emails, and photos, to be presented to him at the conference. You can:
  1. mail a card to Alice Nadeau, 127 Vincent Hall, 206 Church Street SE, Minneapolis MN 55455
  2. email a message to congrats2mcgehee@gmail.com
  3. record a video message using this link. (password: dynamicalsystems)

  4. Contact Kate Meyer with questions regarding the album at meye2098@umn.edu.

Other Information
Abstracts (almost complete)
Participant List (as of Oct. 3, 2018 - updated weekly)
Conference Banquet, honoring Dick McGehee, will be held Saturday night at Coffman Memorial Union, across Washington Stree from Vincent Hall. We are asking attendees to contribute $20 toward the total cost. The Math Department will cover the balance. Contributions will be collected at the conference.
Past conferences and information about the e-mailing list
Registration. To register, please send an email to midwestdynamics2018@gmail.com with subject heading REGISTRATION, containing your name, your university or employer, your advisor's name if you are a student, and your arrival and departure days. There is some funding for junior participants and those without grants; please indicate in your email if you would like to request funding for travel and/or lodging. Include the amount requested, and remember that you must use a US air carrier if you request airfare reimbursement. Graduate students requesting hotel support are asked to share rooms. Requests for support received by September 1st will receive responses by September 10th. Requests received after that date will be handled on a rolling basis, subject to remaining availability of funds. If you are looking for a roommate, send an email to midwestdynamics2018@gmail.com with subject heading ROOMMATE. I will share a google file with only names and email addresses for only those seeking a roommate. It will be up to you to contact potential roommates.
Hotels. Reserve by Oct. 1, 2018 to obtain these discounted rates.
Transportation. Link to IMA web transportation page. Sublinks to parking map and campus map. Closest parking lots are the Washington Ave. Ramp, and the Weismann Museum Ramp. Both have a daily max charge of $12.
Speakers: By September 1, 2018, please send title, abstract and (optional) web homepage address to midwestdynamics2018@gmail.com with subject heading SPEAKER.
Organizers: Bruce Peckham, Rick Moeckel, Evelyn Sander, Jim Walsh and students of Dick McGehee
Sponsors: This event is funded by the National Science Foundation, the University of Minnesota College of Science and Engineering, the University of Minnesota School of Mathematics, and the University of Minnesota Institute for Mathematics and its Applications.