Student Research Projects

Supervised by Bruce B. Peckham

Graduate Students

  1. BJ Olsen
    Master's thesis: "Bifurcations of Piecewise Continuous Functions"
    Graduated: 1994.
  2. Jason Puckett
    Master's project: "Computing Periodic Orbits"
    Graduated: 1995.
  3. Zbigniew Wdowiak
    Master's project: "Newton's and Burgstahler's Root Finding Methods"
    Graduated: April, 1996.
  4. Colleen Frost
    Master's project: "A comparison study of the SIS and SIRS Epidemic Models"
    Graduated: August, 1996.
  5. Jon Drexler
    Master's project: "A nonanalytic perturbation of the complex quadratic map"
    Graduated: August, 1996.
  6. Diana Colt
    Master's project: "Seasonal Disruption in Elementary Models of Insect Epidemics"
    Graduated: August, 1999. (Primary advisor was Harlan Stech.)
  7. Angela Cates
    Master's project: "A Mathematical Investigation of the Decomposition of Leaf Litter"
    Graduated: March, 2000. (Primary advisor was Harlan Stech.)
  8. Cosmin Deciu
    Master's project: "Some Aspects of Homoclinic Orbits in a Henon-like Map"
    Graduated: September, 2000.
  9. Steve Law
    Master's project: "Lyapunov Exponents"
    Graduated: 2003.
  10. Wendy Graves
    Master's project: "A comparison of Some Simple Models of Mutualism"
    Graduated: September 2003. (Coadvised with John Pastor.)
  11. Karl Kruppstadt
    Master's project: "Newton's Method for Cubics"
    Graduated: 2004. Download project pdf here .
  12. Laura Zimmermann
    Master's project: "A Producer-Consumer Model with Stoichiometry"
    Graduated: July 2006. (Coadvised with John Pastor.)
    Download project pdf here . (30 pages)
  13. Laurence Lin
    Master's thesis: "A stoichiometric model of two producers and one consumer"
    Graduated: June 2008. (Coadvised with Harlan Stech, John Pastor.)
    Download thesis pdf file here .(90 pages)
  14. James Polsinelli
    Master's project: "Probability theory, ergodicity, and applications to dynamical systems"
    (Coadvised with Barry James.) Graduated: 2010. Download project pdf here .
  15. Garrett Taft
    Master's Thesis: "Chaos, Attractors, and the Lorenz Conjecture: Noninvertible transitive maps of invariant sets are sensitive"
    Graduated: August 2010. Download thesis pdf here .
  16. Xinyuan "Vinnie" Zhang
    Master's Project: "Enrichment in a Producer-Consumer Model with varying rates of Stoichiometric Elimination"
    Graduated: December 2010. Download project pdf here .
  17. Brett Bozyk
    Master's Thesis: "Nonanalytic Singular Continuations of Complex Analytic Dynamical Systems"
    Graduated: July 2012. Download thesis pdf here .
  18. Sarah Kabes
    Master's Project: "The Transition between the Henon Map and the Complex Quadratic Map"
    Graduated: August 2012. Download project pdf here .
  19. Evan Oman
    Master's Project: "An Application of Fractal Analysis and Wearable Tech to the Health of the Heart"
    Graduated: August 2015. Download project pdf file here .
  20. Erik Peterson
    Master's Project: "An Application of Fractal Analysis and Wearable Tech to the Health of the Heart"
    Graduated: August 2015. Download project pdf file here .
  21. Soleh Dib
    Master's Project: "Generalized Chimera States in Two Interacting Populations of Kuramoto Oscillators"
    Graduated: Jan. 2016. Download project pdf file here .
  22. Vaclav Hasenohrl
    Master's Project: "Modeling of Ebola Control Strategies"
    (Coadvised with Harlan Stech.)
    Graduated: May 2016. Download project pdf file here .
  23. Yujiong Liu
    Master's Project: "A Connection between Analytic and Nonanalytic Singular Perturbations of the Quadratic Map: A Case Study"
    Graduated: May 2017. Download project pdf file here .

Undergraduate Students

  1. Zbigniew Wdowiak
    UROP project: "Newton's method for cubics"
  2. Ron Nelson
    UROP project: "Computing Fractal Basin Boundaries"
  3. Eric Nielsen
    Research Assistant project: "Developing a GUI for a Dynanmical Systems Software Package (TBC)"
  4. Mircea Ungureanu
    UROP project: "Nonlinear Dynamics Applied to Financial Markets"
  5. Tim Luthens
    Research Assistant project: "Computing the Topology of `folded' Surfaces"
  6. Mike Dvorak
    UROP project: "Use of Dynamical Systems to Control Micoorganism Populations"
  7. Brian Ketelboeter
    UROP project: "The Cusp bifurcation in two dimensions"
  8. Dan Gastler
    UROP project: "The n-body problem"
    2000. (coadvised with Guihua Fei)
  9. J P McBride
    UROP project: "Dynamical Systems Software"
  10. Seth Slettedahl
    UROP project: "The dynamics of a noninvertible 2D map"
  11. Heather Chopp
    UROP project: Harvesting in a 2-D Producer/Consumer Model
  12. Jerod Lass
    Honors Project: "Analysis of Traffic Circles"
  13. Jacob Yunker
    Honors Project: "Statistical analysis for a proposed mechanism of protein-membrane interactions"
  14. Brett Bozyk
    Honors Project: "The spine of Newton's Method for Cubics"
  15. Brock Burgau
    UROP/Honors Project: "Water Treatment and Pollution in Lake Superior"
  16. Thomas Cameron
    UROP/Honors Project: "Dynamics of Newton's Method: a family of Quartic Polynomials"

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