English 5583 British Novel

Professor Carol Bock

This course provides students with the opportunity to read and study classics such as Robinson Crusoe and Oliver Twist as well as other important but less well-known examples of the British novel--for instance, Sylvias's Lovers by Elizabeth Gaskell and  Wilkie Collins' The Woman in White, the first detective novel written in English.  Each book is examined within the context of its time period and from literary, social, and cultural perspectives. 

English 5583 fulfills the genre category requirement for English majors in the Liberal Arts and Pre-Graduate Studies tracks and is also suitable for most students in the UMD Master's in English Program, particularly for those in the Literary Studies and Publishing and Print Culture Emphases.

4 credits.  Offered yearly. 

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NOTE:  This course is offered by more than one instructor.  For Professor Martin Bock's English 5583 web page click the following link.