English 1803 Freshman Seminar: The Reality of the Unseen

Fall 2011

9:00 - 10:50 Monday & Wednesday      Bohannon 343


Professor Carol Bock

407 Humanities Building


218 726 8227


Course Description This course considers various explanations – psychological, material, philosophical, religious, poetic, and spiritual – that have been offered to account for belief in the reality of objects that are not known through the “normal” channels of the senses--through seeing, hearing, touch, and so forth.  Assigned readings provide a broad array of models which should inspire you to develop your own ideas about what William James called “The Reality of the Unseen.” These readings, along with classroom activities and writing assignments, will also help you find your own strategies for communicating to others what you and the authors we study think about "Unseen Reality."  This course can be used to partially satisfiy the Caegoryt 9 Liberal Education requirement.


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