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Welcome to the CLA wait list information page!

The wait list process helps facilitate and prioritize access into closed CLA courses.

To view CLA course descriptions, please visit this site: HERE

Upcoming Changes - April 10th, 2015

After the system upgrade from April 10-20th, 2015, the wait list function will be utilizing the 'auto-enroll' feature. This means if a student has placed themselves on a wait list and there are no time conflicts or holds preventing registration the system will register the student. The student will receive an email notification. Around April 20th, an all student message will be sent regarding general information about wait lists. Students will be reminded that departments handle lists differently and the auto-enroll process will begin on April 23rd. Students will be encouraged to have their schedules ready (section swaps are set, time conflicts are handled, holds that prevent registration will be cleared, etc). The message will include a link to the new One Stop wait list page, which is being developed.

Wait lists will close 7 days before the first day of the term. At this time students will no longer be able to add themselves to a list and the auto-enroll feature will stop. Every section may not have a wait list. Faculty or department staff will use 'student specific permissions' to grant registration permission to individual students.

Wait List instructions for students:

  • No guarantee. Being placed on a waitlist does not guarantee enrollment into the course. You are advised to plan alternative courses. Consider the waitlist feature as a course ‘wish list’.

  • Select wisely. You are advised to add yourself to the “best” section that fits your schedule. If you add yourself to multiple sections of the same class, note staff will not monitor what section fits your schedule.
    • If you are enrolled in one section and on a wait list for another section, you may be either removed from the wait list or remain on the wait list with low priority.
    • If you are granted a permission number and you do not use it or it expires, the system will remove you from the wait list. If you are on other wait lists for the course, you will remain on those lists.

  • Check your email daily and take action. After the registration appointments end, staff will begin to review and manage waitlists weekly. If you receive a permission number it will have an expiration date. If you do not use the permission number, it will expire within 3 - 5 days and the system will remove your name from the list. If this happens and you still want the course, you are advised to add yourself to the waitlist again. You will be placed on the list based on this new date.

Courses that require instructor consent will not have waitlists. This includes independent study, internships, directed research, etc.


How do I add myself to a waitlist?
If you meet the pre-requisites for the course and the waitlist has not closed, the system will prompt you to add your name to the waitlist.

Why can’t I add myself to the waitlist?
Check the pre-requisites (pre-reqs) for the course.

Pre-reqs are requirements established to prepare students for the course. The pre-req can range from a credit requirement, a declared major or minor, or course pre-requisites.

Credit pre-req – For example, if the pre-req lists ’60 credits’, this total includes earned and in-progress credits. This excludes any in-progress credits for next term.

Course pre-req – For example, if the course lists a course pre-req of ‘WRIT 1120’, this course must appear on your record or a course equivalent must be listed. If you took any course pre-req outside UMD, you should have a student group code on your record indicating you have taken the course. Here is a list of selected transfer courses within CLA with student group codes: ANTH 1604, COMM 1112, COMM 1222, CRIM 1301, FR 2301, GER 2301, GEOG 1414, JOUR 2001, PHIL 1001, POL 1011, POL 1050, SOC 1101, SPAN 2301, WRIT 1120. If you have taken the course pre-req but it is not reported on your record, visit the UMD Admissions office (25 Solon Campus Center) for clarification.

Who manages the waitlists?
If a seat becomes available in a course, CLA department staff will manage the waitlists after the registration appointments end. On the first day of the term, instructors/professors will begin managing permission numbers for their courses.

If a seat does not become available or you do not receive a permission number, but you still wish to be in the course, you may attend the first class session. The instructor/professor will determine the use of permission numbers. Attending the course does not guarantee enrollment in the course.

How is it determined which students are offered a permission number?
Permission numbers are typically offered based on the order students were added to the list. This is supported by the fact the registration queue is organized by a students’ earned/in-progress credits and last name. Students should be adding their name to the waitlist at the appropriate time during the queue. Students may not add themselves to a waitlist due to active holds, pre-reqs are not met, time conflicts, credit overload, or additional reasons.

I am a PSEO (Post-Secondary Enrollment Option) student. Can I add my name to the wait list?
Yes, PSEO students may add themselves to the wait list during their registration appointment. PSEO students are scheduled to register after the registration appointments for current UMD students. Please keep in mind PSEO students will be added to the list which includes all UMD students. Please reference the 'How is it determined which students are offered a permission number?' above for more details.

Process is subject to change.

CLA includes the following disciplines:

   AAAS – African & African American Studies
   AMIN – American Indian Studies
   ANTH – Anthropology
   CHIN – Chinese
   CLA – College of Liberal Arts
   COMM – Communication
   CRIM – Criminology
   CST – Cultural Studies
   CUE – Cultural Entrepreneurship
   ENGL – English
   ES – Environment & Sustainability
   FR – French
   GEOG – Geography
   GER – German
   GIS – Geographic Info Science
   HIST – History
   INTS – International Studies
   IS – Interdisciplinary Studies
   JOUR – Journalism
   LANG – Language
   LGBT – Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender & Queer St
   LING – Linguistics
   MST – Museum Studies
   PHIL – Philosophy
   POL – Political Science
   RUSS – Russian
   SOC – Sociology
   SPAN – Spanish
   TAG – Tribal Administration & Governance
   URS – Urban Regional Studies
   WRIT – Writing Studies
   WS – Women’s Studies

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