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PI-Academic Advisement Hold

What is this hold?

This hold requires you to meet with you assigned academic advisor prior to registration for the next term. Your advisor is a great resource, so bring questions that you have about major requirements, UMD resources, and registration!

How do I get rid of the hold so I can register?

    1.) Make an appointment Check your email for instructions on how to make an appointment with your advisor via Google Calendar.
    2.) Prepare for your appointment by creating a Graduation Plan including courses you're planning to take for next term.
    3.) Meet with your academic advisor at your appointment time. They will remove the hold if you are properly prepared and you have a full meeting with them.

If you are not prepared for your appointment, your advisor will have you reschedule, and the removal of your hold will be delayed.

What happens next?

Once you have finished meeting with your advisor, wait for your enrollment appointment time and register for next term!

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