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Senior Benchmark

WHY do I have this hold?

    You are approaching senior status (90 credits).
    To support timely graduation, students must complete the Senior Benchmark.

HOW do I get rid of the hold so I can register?

    1.) Declare ALL majors/minors you want to graduate with.
    2.) File any paperwork for the following:
    1. Course substitutions
    2. Course or credit waivers
    3. Transfer credit evaluation
    3.) Grad Plan: Create or update your Graduation Plan (, planning through your graduation term.
    4.) Print, complete, and submit: (THIS PDF FORM).

    A CLA professional advisor will review your online Grad Plan. If the plan is complete your hold will be removed within 3-5 business days.

    If there are problems with your Grad Plan, the removal of the hold will be delayed

    Note: Submission of your tentative plan is required, but it does not guarantee plan accuracy or plan approval.  In order to assure programmatic accuracy, meet with your adviser regularly, and continue to update your plan.

What happens next?

Once you have completed, the ‘Senior Benchmark’, you are ready to begin the Graduation Checklist provided by the UMD Registrar’s office HERE.

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