Math 1024 ---HONORS

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Week of Monday Wednesday Friday
August 31-September 4 Ch. 1: Urban Services Ch. 1: Urban Services

Ch. 2: Business Efficiency

September 7-11

No Class.

Writing Project Day Ch. 3: Planning and Scheduling
September 14-18 Ch. 3: Planning and Scheduling Ch. 4: Linear Programming Work the Problems that were assigned on Wednesday
September 21-25 Ch. 4 Linear Programming (the transportation problems) Writing Project Day Ch. 9: Voting
September 28- October 2 Ch.9 Voting Ch. 10 Voting Writing Project Day
October 5-9     Work Sample Problems
October 12-16 Work Sample Problems Work Sample Problems


October 19-23 Ch. 5 Exploring Data Ch. 6 Exploring Data In Class, Writing Project Day
October 26-30 Ch. 7 Data for Decisions Ch. 8 Probability

No Class.

November 2-6 Ch. 8 Probability Go through Problems Probability Experiment
November 9-13 Probability Problems 16.1 Check Digits Work Check Digit Problems
November 16-20 Ch. 13 Fair Division Writing Project Day Ch. 21 and 22 Money
November 23-27 Ch. 17 Secret Codes Apportionment No Class.
November 30- December 4 Work Apportionment Problems Writing Project Day Review
December 7-11 Review Review Review


Final: Tuesday, December 15 4:00-5:55