Office Hours Fall 2015

Mon. 2-3 pm
Tues. 1-1:55 pm
Wed. 9-9:55 am
Thurs. noon-2pm

-or by appointment



Section 001 -MWF 12-12:50pm MonH 80
Section 008 -MWF 1 -1:50pm MonH 80

Contact Me

T.A. Contact Information

Mudit Jain-

Office: SCC 133
Office Hours: T 9-10am, W 4-5pm and TH. 9-10am

Katarzyna Obral Office: SCC 115
Office Hours: M 1-1:30 & 4-4:30pm, W 1-1:30pm, and TH 1-1:45 & 5-5:45pm
Joe Kell - Office: SCC 115
Office Hours: M 2-3pm, T 12-1pm and TH 12-1pm
Vaclav Office: SCC 152
Office Hours: T 10-11am, W 11-12am and TH 2-3pm