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UMD Campus Women is a non-profit, self-supporting, social organization for all women who work on the UMD Campus. It was organized for the purpose of interaction with fellow workers, to encourage sharing creativity and time by volunteering, and to respond to interests and ideas of the group and suggestions from women on campus.

Mary Jean Menzel (Co-Chair), Continuing Education, 726-6938, 104 DAdB,
Lita Wallace (Co-Chair), Human Resources, 726-7822, 255 DAdB,
Leona Krieg, (Treasurer) Housing, 726-7381, 189 LSH
Cathy Rackliffe (Web Coordinator), Office of Equal Opportunity, 726-6827, 255 DAdB
Judy Bromen, Disability Services & Resources, 726-7965, 243 KSC
Becky Madigan, UMD Stores, 726-8745, 275 KSC
Theresa Orso,Office of Financial Aid & Registrar, 726-6854, 297 DAdB

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Send us an email if you want to learn more about UMD Campus Women or want to be involved with the events.