"'There is no use trying,' said Alice; 'one can't believe impossible things.'


"'I dare say you haven't had much practice,' said the Queen. 'When I was your age, I always did it for half an hour a day. Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.'"

- Lewis Carroll, Through the Looking-Glass


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Spring 2017
ENGL 1666: Gothic Tales of Terror (MW 12:00-1:50)

ENGL 5562: Victorian Literature (MW 8:00-9:50)


Fall 2017

ENGL 3333: Children's Literature - Texts and Contexts (TTH 2:00-3:50)

ENGL 5663: Readers and the History of Books (TTH 9:00-10:50)

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The Neo-Victorian Novel, Childhood in Literature and Culture, Children's Literature: Texts and Contexts, The British Novel: Adapting the Nineteenth Century, Women Writers, Victorian Women Writers, Victorian Literature, British Romanticism, Gothic Tales of Terror, Satire and Humor,Introduction to Film Theory, Women and Film.



Graduate Students

Bullet UMD's English Master of Arts homepage includes program and application information, as well as the English graduate student handbook.

Bullet My resource page for current and prospective graduate students includes information on graduate programs in children's literature and culture, as well as teaching, writing and professional links.

Bullet Information on requesting letters of recommendation for graduate study, fellowships, or employment.

Bullet English Department publishing internships.

Children's Literature

Bullet A comprehensive collection of Harry Potter and J.K. Rowling links.

Bullet Linnea Hendrickson's Children's Literature: A Guide to the Criticism (searchable online reference book).

Bullet Children's literature resources for teachers.

Bullet The Children's Literature Web Guide.

Bullet Fairrosa's Library of Children's Literature.

Bullet Kay Vandergrift's Children's Literature Pages

Victorian Literature

Bullet The Victoria Research Web.

Bullet The hypertext Victorian Web project .

Bullet Links to Victorian Studies resources .

Bullet The Illustrated London News Picture Library offers an extensive collection of Victorian-era illustrations and photographs from 1842 to today on topics such as fashion, transportation, disasters, politics, the arts, social history, London, royalty, discovery and exploration, industry and trade, war, personalities, and science, medicine and progress.

Lewis Carroll

BulletIn "Alice on Film and Video," educator and author Monica Edinger offers descriptions of (and links to) Alice-related video clips available on YouTube, which include a 1934 Betty Boop cartoon, "Betty in Blunderland," a 1954 Alice-themed Jello commercial, and a 1960s drugstore commercial, "Alice in Rexall-Land."

Bullet YouTube also offers an opportunity to see Cecil M. Hepworth's 1903 Alice in Wonderland, the first cinematic version of Alice's adventures, with added commentary by the British Film Institute's Simon Brown.

Bullet Read and "turn the pages" of Carroll's original manuscript of Alice's Adventures Under Ground, the latest 3D addition to the British Library's Turning The Pages collection of virtual books from the library collection. Using Flash technology, the manuscript can be virtually "handled." Viewers can also choose to listen to an audio version of the book, and to zoom in and exam the text in greater detail.

Bullet Lewis Carroll: An Overview: A detailed collection of Web pages from the Victorian Web offers information on Carroll's biography, literary reputation, themes, and historical, economic, scientific and aesthetic contexts.

Bullet Lewis Carroll Homepage: Sponsored by the Lewis Carroll Society of North America, this site offers a guide to Web and print Lewis Carroll resources and documents.

Bullet Contrariwise: Lewis Carroll & the Carroll Myth: A site devoted to recent, revisionary biographical research into the complex life of Lewis Carroll/Charles Dodgson, and some of the mysteries and puzzles surrounding his life, literary work, and reputation.

Bullet An online collection of Lewis Carroll photographs from the Princeton University Library Department of Rare Books and Special Collections.

Bullet An online exhibit of Carroll's photographs from the University of Texas at Austin's Harry Ransome Research Library, includes a page devoted to Carroll's photographs of children.

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