Letters of Reference

I am usually happy to provide letters of recommendation for current or former students for graduate study or employment, though I may turn down requests from students whose work I don't feel I know well, or with whom I have not had recent contact. For this reason, please be sure to get my permission before using my name as a reference. To help me write the best letter possible, I will need you to provide me with the following information at least two weeks before your recommendations need to be sent:

  1. A typed list of names and addresses of schools (or positions) to which you are applying, including the name and title of the individual and/or committee to whom the letter should be addressed. Please include the application due dates, with the earliest due date at the top.
  2. A copy of the "personal statement" you have written for your graduate school application, or a copy of your job application letter.
  3. A copy of your UMD transcript (unofficial is fine).
  4. For graduate school, fellowship, and scholarship references: a copy of your best work in the course(s) you took with me (preferably with instructor comments).
  5. For teaching references, copies of any of the following will be very helpful: sample syllabi, assignments, student evaluation summaries, and your teaching philosophy (if you have one).
  6. A copy of your resume.
  7. Recommendation forms, if any, or links to online forms. Please make it easier for me to finish the forms in a timely manner, by completing the following:
  8. Stamped and addressed envelopes to send letters and paper forms directly to the graduate program(s) or employer(s) of your choice. Please note that, if you are planning to send out more than five applications, I may request that you register with Interfolio.

Before writing any letters of recommendation, I will also need from you a signed and completed copy of UMD's Reference Request and Authorization form. I am only able to write confidential letters, so please be sure to check the box at the bottom of the page waiving your right of access.